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Foundation Dogs® are ready to be finished for your specific needs as a Police K9, Military K9, Virus detection Dog, Service Dog or Personal/Family protection Dog

Top Tier K9 owns the US trademark for Foundation Dog® and is the only legal producer of Foundation Dogs®.  Anyone attempting to use the term Foundation Dog® is violating US patent and Trademark laws.  Top Tier K9 reserves all rights to our trademarks, patents and industry innovations Top Tier K9:  the Gold Standard in the Dog Training Industry

1.  Contact us at and tell us what you need a dog to do for you (scope of the project).

2.  We help you select the Foundation Dog® from our existing inventory that meets your needs.

3.  We finish the Foundation Dog® in an average of 8 weeks.

4.  You spend 10 hours with us, live on-line over a 5 week period to learn how the dog was trained and how to maintain the training and handle the dog.  This includes documents and DVDs for your study and testing.

5.  You come to our facilities and bond with your dog for a period of 2 weeks.

6.  During that 2 weeks you pass tests that are above national testing standards and then go home with your new K9 companion.

We are not only some of the top dog trainers in the industry, we are the absolute top people trainers ...and that makes all the difference.


1/12/2024 - It was 3 years ago today we built the rapid response program for virus detection dogs. Able to deploy to major points of entry in less than 3 weeks after discovering a new virus.

A replicable process of training amazing K9 that stand at the ready to add the specific virus to their scent portfolio in less than 2 weeks. No new viruses this month? No worries, a certified Foundation Dog® can be finished as a service dog, a protection dog, a police/military K9, a bomb dog, a cadaver dog, even a mineral detection dog...yep, gold, lithium, silver and more in a matter of weeks. We deploy our dogs in a multitude of vertical markets.

Top Tier K9® -Corporate manages the inventory, the handler training programs, and the quality assurance programs. We are the central supply for our franchises that work to provide these amazing dogs to their own communities. A replicable and scalable training, distribution and support network for traditional and new uses of the most amazing creatures God put on this earth: Foundation Dogs!

Our Litters on the ground program helps us ensure quality puppies to be entered into the Foundation Dog training program. Our world-class Academy for Dog trainers helps us continue to train and certify master dog trainers to scale to demand, our Virtual Reality Dog training Center helps us get the youth involved as well as help us train end users on working around the dogs. Our internet interfaces allows for real time support: health and nutrition, veterinary care, troubleshooting issues and providing risk management.

Our 200+ certified trainers will even train your pets while we prepare for the next man-made challenge. ( Top Tier K9 Certified Locations page)

Share this information with your businesses and communities. We have a program management training and support system ( : Top Tier Teams website) to help you integrate the power of these dogs into your non-traditional needs (like bomb/virus detection at the entry points of your manufacturing hubs, scent detection of your high-risk inventory against theft)

Consider a Foundation Dog as an upgradable platform. When you need a new odor added to the scent portfolio, we can do that in just 2 weeks time. A retiring police K9 can be instantly turned into a diabetic alert dog..a service dog that also protects so she can have a comfortable job in retirement serving someone with disabilities. (as long as she started her life as a Foundation Dog)

Top Tier K9® and Foundation Dog® are registered trademarks of Top Tier K9, LLC

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