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Foundation Dogs® are ready to be finished for your specific needs as a Police K9, Military K9, COVID-19 detection Dog, Service Dog or Personal/Family protection Dog

Top Tier K9 owns the US trademark for Foundation Dog® and is the only legal producer of Foundation Dogs®.  Anyone attempting to use the term Foundation Dog® is violating US patent and Trademark laws.  Top Tier K9 reserves all rights to our trademarks, patents and industry innovations Top Tier K9:  the Gold Standard in the Dog Training Industry

1.  Contact us at and tell us what you need a dog to do for you (scope of the project).

2.  We help you select the Foundation Dog® from our existing inventory that meets your needs.

3.  We finish the Foundation Dog® in an average of 8 weeks.

4.  You spend 10 hours with us, live on-line over a 5 week period to learn how the dog was trained and how to maintain the training and handle the dog.  This includes documents and DVDs for your study and testing.

5.  You come to our facilities and bond with your dog for a period of 2 weeks.

6.  During that 2 weeks you pass tests that are above national testing standards and then go home with your new K9 companion.

We are not only some of the top dog trainers in the industry, we are the absolute top people trainers ...and that makes all the difference.


Contact us at

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